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Strategic Planning + Accountability

Is everyone in your organization rowing, pulling in the same direction? Does everyone in your organization know how they can contribute to growth and what's in it for them? If not, this system is for you. This is an ongoing system of strategic planning and then implementing touchpoint meetings to keep momentum rolling.

Culture Identification + Growth

If we're all fish in a fish tank, culture is the water around us. We can't see it, but we can feel it. And we need it to be healthy and refreshed. Identifying cultural problems is a quantitative process and we involve the whole organization in building the dream, the vision and a culture manifesto that everyone wants to live.

Change Management

All growth is change. And there are tools and processes that can ensure the changes and growth you make are more effective. We use change management tools with all of our group clients, and we are the only consulting firm in the area with a certified change management professional.

Data Strategy

It takes momentum to effectively use the data your organization or department creates. Our team can help you map out and create everything from KPIs to automated dashboards, or quarterly data check-ins to keep your team on track. We also consult with business owners and leaders to help them understand the many possible uses of data analytics in their business. Whether you know your data landscape well, or you're wanting to explore it for the first time, reach out. 

Data Science & Analytics Services

We can also help with specific data science services or projects to dig into company or department data, and more fully understand trends in that data. We do predictive analytics and provide visualization tools so the insights are easy to see and understand. Email us to set up a time, and we can talk through the options for you. 

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