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Group +
Organizational Services
Culture Identification + Growth

If we're all fish in a fish tank, culture is the water around us. We can't see it, but we can feel it. And we need it to be healthy and refreshed. Identifying cultural problems is a quantitative process and we involve the whole organization in building the dream, the vision and a culture manifesto that everyone wants to live.

Training + Development

Lots of organizations can't afford or prioritize internal training and development. Bring us in to provide management and leadership training that's relevant to your industry and organization. Outsource it to us!

EOS Strategic Planning + Accountability

Is everyone in your organization rowing, pulling in the same direction? Does everyone in your organization know how they can contribute to growth and what's in it for them? If not, this system is for you. This is an ongoing system of strategic planning and then implementing touchpoint meetings to keep momentum rolling.

Change Management

All growth is change. And there are tools and processes that can ensure the changes and growth you make are more effective. We use change management tools with all of our group clients, and we are the only consulting firm in the area with a certified change management professional.

Personality Groups

We specialize in the enneagram, the Hogan Assessment Systems, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. We bring information tailored to growth and development within yourself and your team, as you grow to understand more about your personalities and build high-performing teams.

1:1 Services
Leadership + Executive Coaching

Most of us are promoted into leadership without experiencing or being taught great leadership skills. You cannot lead well without working on yourself to be balanced in your habits and personality, as well as effective in your habits and communication. Leadership is an art and we each build our own style. We always say a business or department can only go as far and be as healthy as its leader is - your wellbeing determines how much you can accomplish.

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